Leadership Team


Samuel Sutter

Senior Pastor


Pastor Sutter along with his wife Ashley and children Colette (5) and Jude (3) come to Goshen from Long Island NY. He is a 2006 graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. His passion is to show off the glory of God from Scripture with the hope God will change lives (2 Cor 3:18).  




Adam Vitoulis

Worship Leader


Adam is our new worship leader and will not only be leading us in music but will also be working on training and recruiting for our Audio/Visual volunteers, working with musicians and special music groups, helping our greeters/welcoming process, as well as helping to lead our College and Career “The Bridge”, and Youth Group programs. Adam grew up with a love of music and singing. He has been a part of our church since joining our Youth Group years ago.  From Adam, "This place is my home and my family.....For me, worship is an offering and outpouring and overflow of what God has given us. It’s the bridge that connects us to our Heavenly Father. In my eyes, no “style” of worship is more “appropriate” than another. No instrument is more “holy” than the next. True worship extends beyond music to become our lifestyle. It’s an honor to be using my meager gifts to lead others. I will use what I have for God’s glory and welcoming the Spirit into the places we gather, and encouraging others to draw closer to Christ. He will do the rest! I look forward to serving with you.




We have an amazing team of Elders/Deacons and other ministry leaders. God has blessed us with some wonderful people who willingly follow and serve where Jesus leads.